The Case for Learning HTML

7 Reasons to Learn HTML

(I could list lots more… but it is a blog)

Hypertext what? CSS Who? Tell me again why it matters to declare a doc type? This is what I hear when I am encouraging professionals to consider taking my HTML class.

What is HTML

The Short Answer

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the language used by browsers to display web pages. While it has evolved over the years (created in 1990) and added bells and whistles, the precepts remain.

Can we agree that…

  • Every business benefits from a web presence.
  • You can pay a service or hire web designer to create their site—a wise decision if you have an extensive site, need a shopping cart or advanced data base features.

  • You will need to update your site on a regular basis.

  • Consider also, You may use the intranet for Project Collaboration. If you use Microsoft SharePoint© HTML and CSS come in handy on countless occasions.

7 Reasons to Learn HTML

  1. HTML is Actually Very Easy to Learn.

  2. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s not actually a programming language. It’s more about understanding the syntax, then you can look up the code if you don’t have it memorized! There are a plethora of free resources. (Although I’d rather you take my instructor-led class for the best and most efficient learning!) is the ultimate resource for answers to all your questions and questions you didn’t know you had!

  3. Formatting Makes You Crazy

  4. Using WYSIWYG editors are a great way to start a web page. However, the web page is constructed visually by the editor, not by you. If you want to make changes you often need to go to the code.

    When using a WYSIWYG editor, the web page is constructed by the user in a visual way that’s translated to HTML code by the editor engine. This means that the editor is dictating your formatting, not so much you. A little HTML knowledge will save lots of headaches.

  5. Use Any WYSIWYG Editor

  6. Knowing HTML means you can use almost any editor. Whether it’s the WordPress editor or another free editor from you service provider. Once you understand the basics, you can edit with ease and create well-formed code that leads to good formatting and search results.

  7. Upgrade HTML Skills for Your Career

  8. Hey, it never hurts to build your résumé, and you will be amazed at how much you can use this skill in your personal and professional life. Much of my student’s feedback notes that it’s actually a wonderful confidence boost around co-workers as well as in their personal lives.

  9. You Blog

  10. Bloggers are sometimes limited when customizing the appearance and functionality of their blogs unless they know some HTML and CSS. Without HTML and CSS knowledge, you’re stuck with the basic design and functionality of your blog’s template and formatting.

  11. Ignore the Naysayers

  12. There are many who will tell you not to bother to build your skill-level in this area. I listed them in my first draft (the ones who really irked me) but decided that they have a right to their opinions. Many web designers feel they are the ones that should be in control. Hey, that’s how they make a living.

  13. HTML is Fun

  14. Seriously. It is fun and you can take a one or two day class to get the basics. Learn some CSS while you are at it and your arsenal will be full of good web design tips and tricks.

Learn HTML and CSS

Because it’s…

  • Fairly Easy
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Saves Formatting Aggravation
  • Makes you sound cool

About Arena Computer Software and Management Training

Stephanie D. Hutcheson is a skilled and practiced Microsoft Certified trainer who brings over 20 years of experience with her to the classroom.
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