Smartphone Features

Considering the purchase of a Smartphone?  Feeling the pressure from friends and family to own one of these gadgets?  Are you still fighting with technology?  I have put together a checklist below of some of the things Smartphones can do, so you will know which features are most important to you and better yet, if you really want to take the plunge.

  • Screen size. Huge debate here, but it’s really a matter of preference.  Remember too, the bigger the screen, the bigger the phone.  Are you carrying it in a purse or do you stowe it in your pocket?.  You will definitely notice the difference on some applications, (such as Facebook and Search Engines) between the big screened models and the ones with smaller displays. It may play an important role depending on what application you are using.
  • 3G /4G Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want Internet access on the move then this is a good way to get it. Do you want to access your email on the go?  Do you want to keep in touch when you are on vacation? Will you want to browse the Web wherever you are for information?  Then investigate your options fully here.
  • Camera. Most smartphones have a good digital camera. What will differ is the quality of the camera. 5 to 8 megapixels is the range you will find that most smartphone cameras fall into.  Many people do not carry separate cameras, they use the cell phone instead.  If you use a camera a lot, then it’s worth the cost for a high-end camera in your phone.
  • GPS. The GPS can do a lot more than just tell you where you are on a map. You can find your way to local stores and restaurants, hospitals, repair shops.  You can let your friends know where you are and even track down your phone if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Memory. Buying an external memory card is a cheap and simple way to extend the storage space on a phone. (For numerous pictures, for instance)
  • Input method. Some people prefer a conventional keyboard and others prefer a touchscreen. Go to a local store to see which you prefer.

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